Name Etched on Dewalt Clamps

brand new Glowforge Pro owner. Just testing out the capabilities. my wood shop gets used by extended family and i need a way to mark the tools that are mine, vs the tools that used to be my grandpa’s and belong to everyone.

the unmarked photo was 1000 speed, 80 power, 270 lines per inch.


Good use of your machine!

However, … Glowforge requires us to confine discussion of manual settings in their forums to the Beyond the Manual category. The current preferred practice is to either move the entire thread to Beyond the Manual or, to start a new thread there and, link to it from this one.

Let us know if you want help moving the thread.


That’s great! Thanks so much for sharing your experience. Do you know what material that is?

Absolutely no offense intended towards you at all. You’re doing what you think is right, and I applaud that.

Glowforge can mod thier own forums if they really want to. They shouldn’t make us play the bad guys. Although you could certainly flag the message as inappropriate if you really believe it to be. Glowforge claims this is a ruling from their lawyers. But this rule Glowforge concocted cannot possibly have a base in the law. This is one random community member (not a Glowforge employee) talking to other random community members. There is no law that says “You can say whatever you want, but only in the right category on a forum.” Glowforge does not make any endorsement of posts in the Made on a Glowforge category, any more than they do the Beyond the Manual category. This is about us kindly sharing our understanding with our fellow community members. Glowforge shouldn’t make that unnecessarily difficult. Sure, we should post things in places where it makes sense. For example, this has no business in a Support thread. But this is the Made on a Glowforge thread. And guess what… it was exactly that. So STOP IT, GLOWFORGE.

Side note: This, among only a very few, is possibly the top reason I no longer frequent this site. This dude cannot abide.


Hi, Tom.

I appreciate your point of view and, agree that it’s a silly rule. In the corporate world, consulting lawyers about something almost invariably means their recommendation will be followed slavishly regardless of its connection to reality. This issue has been discussed to death here. The fundamental redux is that it’s Glowgorge’s Discourse instance and, their rules. They have made it clear that, if we don’t self-police and keep the settings in the BTM section, they will just systematically remove all posts with settings. Honestly, that likely wouldn’t particularly bother most regular users, since we typically work out our own settings.

I have tried to word this in a friendly, non-confrontational way so we can just deal with it and move on.

It makes me sad if that’s what’s discouraging you from participating here more. You have been around a long time and, I do remember you being more active in the past.


… but this is very well established SOP here in the forum. At this point that die is well cast, seems weird to be litigating it yet again here.

There are good reasons to restrict it to the BTM category, and it’s their forum so that’s that. Nobody was the bad guy here and the tone was perfect.

As for the engrave, @parkerminer you got a really nice result. You’re new so if you haven’t heard about the risks of PVC yet I’d suggest searching the forum about it. It’s pretty important.


I hereby dare them to try. I dare them. I’m not joking. Let’s see what happens if no citizen-of-good-intent ever again tells somebody the rules. I will bet you there will be no change… anywhere… at all. Oh, except everybody will be free to post their findings as they see fit, and others will be able to enjoy them.

To quote a meme long before there were memes…


looks like a moderator moved it for me. thanks for letting me know!


thanks! according to my little search this is a material called Xenoy or PET+PC.
also why I started on such a low power–so make sure nothing crazy happened.
once I start doing anything in quantity, I will be much more attentive to the chemical makeup and toxicity of any of the materials I cut. my laser cutter is also in its own building with the Glowforge filter, and good ventilation.


Yeah with pvc it’s not so much about toxicity it’s about damaging your machine.

Almost everything you laser and definitely all plastics will give off smoke and fumes you don’t want to breathe, your filter is great there. Pvc though… your filter won’t stop it from killing your Glowforge. Don’t cut it even once, it can literally destroy the machine.