Name place settings

These are the last three I did for thanksgivings past.

The pumpkin one you expand a font and then merge it into the rest of the structure. I played about with the position of various pieces of the pumpkin to get it to merge correctly.

placemat 2018
placemat 2019
placemat 2020

Coronavirus I did with clear acrylic, red spray paint on the back (for the red bits) then gold on the front for the names. There is a template cut out around the name places so you can accurately flip it in place to engrave on both sides.

Turkey is the simplest one. I painted the wood orange and then engraved/cut it.

dairy free gluten free

Made these dairy free signs and a gluten free stabby thing, both of these I made out of acrylic with some painting.



You are very generous to share.


Many of my friends can’t eat various different things, so this is a great idea.
Thank you so much!

All very nice! Thanks for the share!

very cool. I bet everybody was pleased.

I can’t imagine what you get served if your name place is the coronovirus one :joy:

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