Name Tags - Bag Tags

Looking to make name tags for briefcases and luggage. Any suggestions as far as best material to create these tags. See puc.


Look up the saddle collection, it’s a series of engravable artificial leathers that might work really well


Think I need to go with a harder material. Acrylic, metal, plastic. but not sure.

Lamar M. Ware

There are engravable Brass tags out there, and many types of two tone engraving plastics. You could engrave the color away from anodized aluminum, etc. there are tons of possibilities.

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The Ring Lord sells blank anodized business cards very reasonably:


Thank you for the link, I have been looking for blank biz cards for quite a while and wasn’t willing to pay the mark up price on Amazon … :slight_smile: (Guess I’m kinda cheap like that!! :rofl:)

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I just came across your post of this site for tags. This will work perfect for keys tags. I am a Broker looking for a cool way to tag the house keys I put in the lockbox.
Thanks agin for the link!

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My Brother, I have been making name tags for my Lodge here in San Diego. AMAZON has a variety of material you can use with Glowforge. Ebamaz Metal Business Cards Anodized Aluminum Plaque Plate 86X54X0.8mm (Blue, Blank,10PCS)

by ebamaz

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