Name That Tree

With all that’s going on, just wanted a simple tree treatment this year. Glowforge helped by cutting dangling names of all the immediate and extended family members out of white acrylic. One way the great grandparents can “hang” with everybody they won’t be able to see in person.

Happy & Healthy Holidays to all you fellow forgers!!



Gorgeous! Very classy! :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow, they look great!


They look super classy! Looks like a picture of a display tree in a magazine.

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Great idea and they look super.

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Really lovely and very elegant!


Terrific idea! Perfect for a year like 2020.

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Great idea, well executed. Next year I am hoping great grandparents can hang out in person with the extended family.

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Yes, it is simple … but very classy.

That is one of the prettiest trees I’ve seen, I think. Very ingenious

That is really pretty!!

I adore this! It’s such a great idea, and so simple (in a wonderful way, of course)! :slight_smile:

Elegant! what a great thing to do.

Lovely! Definitely a unique twist on a name ornament!