Nameplate (black acrylic with acrylic paint)

I made my wife a nameplate for her office:

It’s on 1/8" black acrylic and then painted with multi-surface acrylic paints.

More info here.


So Organic Chemist?

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Professor. Physical chemist rather than organic, but all the fun molecules are organic.

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the smelly molecules you mean. :slight_smile: LOL

You could do buckminsterfullerene!

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Very Nice! I like the detailed write-up, bookmarked.

That’s either a great idea or a terrible idea. I’m not sure which.

Maybe do this picture, perhaps with double bonds…

That wouldn’t be that bad. Thanks for the idea

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Cool nameplate! :grinning:

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did you use tape to cover the acrylic or not necessary? :slight_smile:

I used paper-covered acrylic and left the paper on until I was done with the painting part.

This is really great work! I’m curious about your process. Did you paint the acrylic black and then etch your name, removing the paint?

The acrylic was black to start with. I etched the name in, filling the colors in with syringes, and then removed the paper from the acrylic.

More details in my blog which I think I linked.