My step-daughter-in-law is a Nurse Practitioner, and I had found some interesting glass kitchen tiles at Lowes, so I made her a nameplate for her desk (distortion added for privacy, but you get the idea)

The immediate response was along thee lines of “It looks like I’m practicing medicine on the Enterprise or something!” Being a lifelong Trekkie, that COULD have been a compliment, but I wasn’t entirely sure (Trekkies DO get ragged on a lot as well…) so I decided to cover all the bases:


Well, I’m a fan of the witch doctor. (Also a Trekkie, so I’d say your bases are covered.) :smile:


I thought that the distortion was part of the design and I was super impressed :rofl:


They are both cool, I especially like the medicine woman. What was that done on?

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It would be fun to do the distortion effect on the actual nameplate.

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The “medicine woman” one was done on the new Glowforge proofgrade cattle bone. (And I can’t wait to try the proofread coconut you can see at the top left!)

(Actually, just a piece of driftwood I picked up on the beach…)


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Well you certainly have hit the ground running. Really glad you are getting involved with the forum and I look forward to many more wonderful things from you.


Heh heh. Nice job on those name plates. I also would like to see one done with distortion effects. In some jobs it might be a way to make a statement. (Like CIA maybe?)


Nice work!!

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Or someone in an astrophysics department.


You are making a great impression on your family! Nice job.

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I had some time on my hands (dangerous!) and I had leftover epoxy from my map project. Since areas of the driftwood looked fragile and it didn’t look like it would take a lot of abuse, I decided I needed to do something about it.

The next day, after the epoxy had cured, I cut a base out of some leftover smoked acrylic (with the mounting hole pre-cut!) and…

(Again, the swirl is NOT part of the design, but MAY be on a future project…) That cracked area on the right side no longer looks as if it could fall off any minute.