National and international DELIVERY date?

im sorry to be so intense, but there is any way to now which is my delivery date?
if i bought on october 16 2015
and i pay international delivery

Unfortunately no one knows when they will ship, still no definite date

the should tell us in what part of the proses they are, at least show us some pictures every week.

This is a bit of a double edged sword. It has potential to be taken incorrectly or lead to wild speculation. They also do not want to expose too much of their build process to their competitors at this point. Dan has been pretty good about giving us periodic updates, but they are mostly through the forums, and in bits and pieces, so you have to dig a bit for them.

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Plus, the upside of digging for information is it helps the time fly while waiting. The much larger upside is that there are a ton of incredibly talented people sharing their knowledge in these forums so the information about the machine is really just a bonus when it comes along. A lot of discussions that will help calm your nerves, too.

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Not trying to be rude, just me uneasy knowing when they will send my laser machine.

I`m impatient to try all the ideas I have in mind, plus I want to put this little wonder to work to help me financially .

I will show you each of the ideas I fabricare .

anyone know how to insert an image??

When you post or reply there is an icon at the top that has an arrow pointing up (upload).

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You should join in here: Show and Tell
We would love to see what kind of stuff you make now and wish to make in the future!

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I just drag an image and drop it into the post, with my curser at the point of insertion.

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The forum software also lets you paste any image you happen to have on your clipboard.

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Acagua, I get you. I’m an international delivery and would love a guesstimate as to when it’ll deliver. Add to that, my husband and I will be in the USA early July so could possible have it delivered domestically and take it on the airplane back with us. Not only would that save us over $1,000, it would also mean that out lovely Thai customs officials won’t have a chance to steal it.