National Donut Day(US & Canada)


Can the Glowforge make a perfectly round hole in my donut?


Why would you do this? Why? Why? Why? :tired_face:


Of course… :sunglasses:

And here’s the PDF cut file from 123D Make… laserdonut.pdf (258.8 KB)


I’ve had donuts that tasted like cardboard. Is this where they came from? :wink:


I am so jonesing for a freaking deep-fried donut now…:sunglasses:



When I get my Glowforge I am going to make one, why, because I can. HAH


Yes, OK, I see it, it’s a useful thing to be able to do … but …

…and so much more useful …

Will a GF be able to cook a doughnut leaving a precise hole?


don’t think I will be using my Glowforge for an oven, but cutting the hole, it might be able to do that.
Make customized donuts, put names on them and give them as gifts,


I dunno, donuts tend to have a lot of fat content that might be very bad for fires.

Also lasers tend to burn things. So unless you got the settings just right you may change the flavor profile not to mention the nose on the donut in very sad ways.

prior art on pizza: