National Pizza Day!


I had to do it… Then I had to hand color it!

Grease and all. :laughing:


Looks good enough to eat! I guess you are in the fake food business now.


I guess so, less calories this way. LOL … More splinters :roll_eyes:


I legitimately thought that was a slice of pizza! At first I thought maybe you had just cut a slice of pizza in the GF, but this is far more impressive - bravo!


Love it! You have some great ideas!


That’s impressive. Questionably useful, but definitely impressive!


Thanks, most of my stuff isn’t all that useful but fun to look at lol


Wow … Nice coloring skills!


Well, a lot of the things you make are display pieces. This will take a very special person to turn it into a display piece! :wink:


No matter how you slice it great piece.