Nativity gift set

I wanted to share with you my first major accomplishment on my glowforge. I learned how to design and how to fix mistakes and how to persevere with this project. I sold it at two shows this winter (I should have done more but I’m totally new at shows too and I didn’t realize you had to sign up so far in advance) and did very well with it. It takes forever to make one, lol, because I have engraved scripture on the back of each ornament and you all know how long that takes. the overlay on the ornaments is black walnut and the box and ornament bases are made from baltic birch. I’m pretty proud of my first real product. I learned a LOT.


Your “education” resulted in a very nice project, and it is not too early to think about designing for the next holiday. Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and living hinge heart boxes are a good place to start. Well done on this nativity set.


This is a lovely nativity set. Well done!

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I very well may do just that!! great idea. I LOVE the living hinges. I feel like they are magical.

Gosh, you did a beautiful job on that–what a wonderful set! I hope you sold a bunch of them.

Beautiful job on the gift set!

Are the colors inlaid acrylic, or just painted? Either way, nice touch–you have definitely hit the ground running with your projects!

And yes, most shows have applications months in advance–many >9 months! I learned to keep spreadsheets–so can track what shows I want to do & when to apply, also results of those shows–even if not the best return monetarily, what you can learn from other vendors & leads on other shows can be invaluable–as well as ideas for your table/booth presentation…