Nativity Scene

I made a Nativity set for my daughter for Christmas and this idea might have been shared before and I just haven’t run across the thread.

To be upfront… the pieces weren’t cutout on the Glowforge. But I wanted to share an idea that I utilized in making the pieces.

Normally, when doing any work utilizing my scroll saw, I use a spray adhesive and stick the paper pattern to the wood. Most of the time, the pattern gets chewed up when cutting out the piece and the paper pattern is barely holding on for dear life as I get to the end of cutting out each piece.

So I came up with the idea of marking my pattern on the wood by using the Glowforge. Once I came up with my pattern, I removed the tray and inserted my 1 1/4" mahogany wood. I used the “score” setting and reduced the power to 10. Printed the patterns for each piece and then cut them out on the scroll saw.

The line work was exceedingly easy to see and it didn’t flap around on the wood as each piece got cut out. It was SUCH a pleasure having the pattern printed on the wood rather than having it printed on paper and glued to the wood!

I don’t do a LOT of scroll saw work… but that was a game changer for me!

Oh, I also made a box to hold the pieces. I DID use the GF to cut out the spaces for each piece and then printed the box lid with a personal touch for my daughter.


Beautiful results! :grinning:


Nice project. The Glowforge is useful even when it isn’t the primary tool involved.


What a smart idea! She’s sure to treasure this for years to come.


Beautiful set. What a fabulous idea! I’ve done ‘some’ ‘scroll sawing’ and understand the whole issue with the paper!


Looks great

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What a gorgeous nativity set! You did an outstanding job on it.


Love your idea. I don’t have a project to use it on right now, but I’m gonna file it away for later use for sure. Thanks for sharing. Your Nativity scene came out beautiful.

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Beautiful!!! So wonderful to also have safe storage.

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So sweet, What a wonderful piece!


That is really nice.

This is beautiful! What a wonderful gift!

Thank you for sharing the idea of using the Glowforge to transfer the image to the wood. Very clever!

Another use for the GF realised! Nice work!

That is awesome, great work!

Thank you for the kind comments. Yes, the Glowforge is such a wonderful tool to have even when it’s not the MAIN tool.

Love this! Looks great

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Very cool, Daddy Bear.

I like your choice of wood and the storage box is a great idea. I have used your score idea when doing some wood carving projects. Perfect cut and carve lines make the job much easier. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

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sounds much easier to score it. Did you mask it first?