Nativity Shadow Box. "Tell me the Stories of Jesus"

Box test.pdf (2.8 KB)

I’ll add some Nativity people when I get home.

Attached are the files for a shadow box Nativity

Make sure and add as many or as little of the people as you want!

I thought i should share my first item and why not!



Lovely lamp! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for sharing.

Welcome to the forum. Thank you for the share.

Nice work!

That is just lovely! I can see many applications for the designs you’ve shared–thank you!

It’s a lovely lamp.

I’m sorry to say, however, that the artwork you have posted may be in violation of the stock photo supplier’s license. If you purchased the standard license referred to below, I’m pretty sure you are not allowed to post the images.

If your understanding is otherwise (like maybe you purchased a license that allows this?), then I’ll withdraw my objection.


Unless they are the creator?

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No I just found them in clip art for free. Did not think it was licensed I can get more individual ones and add them. Unless someone is selling a free file

I think the “share your stuff, and only your stuff” rule would apply here…if you didn’t draw them, then by all means share a link to where others can find them ('cause we all love free stuff!), but not the file itself.

Actually, if you add a link to the free clipart, then it’s probably okay to leave up your SVG modification of it, to save other people the trouble of doing it themselves. :slight_smile:


Good catch @cynd11!

@elicoon19…if you can just edit your first post to delete the SVG file, I can shift the whole post to the Made on a Glowforge category for you, so you can show off that nice lamp in the Gallery. :lightly_smiling_face:

The only thing at issue here is the sharing of the file that you didn’t actually design. We can’t put them here if we didn’t create them. (You can post another one in the Shared Files section once you get your feet wet and start designing your own.) :wink:


Appreciate it I’ll send some of my own


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Awesome! I’ll shift it to the Made on a Glowforge Gallery section for you! :grinning:

I have found many instances of one site posting images claiming them to be protected rights, then find the exact same images on free image sites. Makes me wonder which came first…


I agree

I agree as well! Unfortunately a lot of free clip art sites don’t make your rights and responsibilities very clear.