Neat laser cut paper pattern maker at the Boston Maker Faire

I was at the Boston Mini Maker Faire today, and there was a really neat booth by the guy at Sliceform Studios and the founder did his thesis at MIT on an automated really amazing cut paper pattern generator for laser cutters. The work was gorgeous and would be a great use for a GlowForge (he is also interested in the GF), and would be great with kids. It is free on the website.



Thank you! I’d love to check it out; looks like my kind of thing.


By the way, I realize a comma and indefinite antecedent can make a big difference. I meant the pattern generator and assembling these thing would be great with kids, no idea if that guy is great with kids…


sun of a gun I didn’t know there was a faire today I just got back home from being 20 min outside of boston, the house I was at actually had a stop for the T right by it


This might be my favorite comment ever. I burst out laughing.

My dogs do not think you’re as hilarious, and have left the room to nap someplace where my sense of humour can’t hurt them.


Very cool! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: