Neat little function

I’d put this in whatever category that video of ‘laser origami’ is in but it’s still a pretty neat concept.


We can weld with it???


The layman’s theory is: since the laser has an hourglass shape as it focuses down to the layer you’re emblazing, if you had two pieces of 3mm thick plexiglass sandwiched together you would focus the beam 3mm below the top level surface. I seem to recall that you might have to rely on spot-welding layers together. I’m just running out the door - perhaps someone else can verify.

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That would be fun to try to do anyway heh.

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I’m excited! This is cool as heck.

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We’ve talked about that one across about 5 threads. Most of the discussion was in the first one though:

You don’t “just” weld, the trick is to cut a second line close to where you want to “heal” a segment, and use the natural bending of heated acrylic to cause the now free segment to topple over and connect the two sides.

So by cutting nearly the same spot, and then heating the scrap between thew two cuts, you effectively remove the initial cut.