Need 600,OOO WMF (Windows Meta-Files) Converted to Mac

In the late 90s, I purchased this clip art program. There are over 15 CDs. I am able to upload the individual folders to my Macbook Pro,

I am not able to import any of the files directly into Inkscape. The software ALWAYS crashes!

I do have Microsoft Office on my Mac. I am able to import a file and change it to a PDF. Then I have to bring into another app to remove the background.

Is there an app or another way to quickly convert these files for Mac?

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I don’t know the answer, but I don’t mind futzing around with it if you want to PM me a representative file. I promise not to save it after the job is done.


If you have access to a PC or know how to run in an emulator, the venerable IrfanView has batch conversion and supports wmf.


I will send you the files tomorrow.

I do have a HP laptop. Could you tell me how to run the emulator?

If it runs Windows, you don’t need an emulator – IrfanView is a windows app.

There are many WMF/EMF to SVG converters out there, too: (as well converting to PNG, PDF, etc.)


I am here by declaring that you are the Glowforge hero of the day.
Thank you so very much for helping me.


Best mac key combo… but hard to do, like a monkey paw…

screenshot to clipboard, then just paste in inkscape:
Press Command-Control-Shift-4 to change a pointer to a crosshair. Select the area of a screen you want to capture by moving and dragging the cursor. After clicking on the mouse, the screenshot will be saved to the clipboard .

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Keep in mind though that a screenshot is a bitmap. WMF is, as far as I remember, a vector based format - so you lose information that way.


I found Ifanview a few years back when my then current viewer/modifier bit the dust and no longer updated. It has a LOT of tasking abilities.

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I have that too :slightly_smiling_face: Haven’t used it in at least 15 yrs (really need to start throwing stuff out). I didn’t use the app but as I recall used Corel draw for them.

The new converters that folks have pointed to are just the ticket now.


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