Need a CONE Pattern

Hey Gang,

I have need of a cone with these dimensions

top diameter 8 inches
Bottom Diameter 12 inches
Height 8.5 inches

Well technically I need 1/4th of that cone for the corners of my pool table light.

I found this great site and it will spit out a PDF. but for some odd reason when I load it up to the GF cloud it give me that there is a mask and a big turquoise box shows up.

We are having some very rainy weather at the moments so Beamer is not turned on.

I have never had that error show up on a PDF before.

any thoughts on that?




That is a pretty cools site. Got lost for a few minutes looking at all the wonders.

Have you tried to open the PDF in a design program? Often you can deconstruct it and get rid of the clipping paths and masks that show up.


Open it in a design app and save just the part you need.

Edit… beat me to it.

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Ok. I checked it out. Evidently the site saves it as an image embedded in a PDF container.

Just a second. I’ll convert it.

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I tried what both of you suggested.

very odd. I even tried a PDF to SVG converter

it still calls it a mask.

and yes that site can suck you in. I saw that bending wood calculator and my brain hurt. LOL
Blocklayer_1586738399678.pdf (3.4 MB)

If you say so. :slight_smile:

it blew me away when it wouldn’t convert.

with work shut down I’ve finally got time to make the table light. going to use the melamine surfaced particle board from Menard’s and put a maple veneer on it to match my table.


1/2 cone section. Try this in paper. Maybe it will work. No tabs or extra glue up space. Right clicky. Save as.

I just rebuilt this in Inkscape over the outline of the imported PDF. In this case the import was definitely an image bitmap and not a vector.


Thanks so much.

I will give that a whirl

I see that @marmak3261 got you fixed up while I was eating. Thanks for reminding me about , I had known about it but forgot.

For the future, keep Inkscape or such around for those times when a site throws a raster at you like above. You can easily trace as a vector in another layer and then delete the raster and have just what you need.


I do have inkscape.

I had thought about tracing. but wearing my dang bifocals instead of my contacts makes it tougher to see. :frowning:

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