Need a door stop? Let Hodor help :-P

So back in May @dan posted about his quick design for a doorstop and I thought - oh that’s cool, my current doorstop doesn’t work really well I should cut another…so ~5 months later I finally remembered I was gonna do that and grabbed the pattern and hit print…
I then realized Dan’s doors are WAY lower than mine! The stop is lovely, but it’s only about 1" tall…I’ve got a good 2" gap. This being a :glowforge: provided design I couldn’t download it and enlarge it - so I had to do all my changes in Premium
(begin Premium stan section).
It worked SO well! Being able to ungroup everything allowed me to leave all the holes the correct size for the material, while doubling the size of the overall stop.
The positioning allowed me to line the copied noles up so the elongated piece would fit, and then copying/pasting/flipping meant I only had to do it correctly once and not repeat the luck factor :stuck_out_tongue:

Worked like a charm first time out :slight_smile: (I used the same piece for the end since I didn’t make it wider)

a little craft foam on the bottom and it doesn’t even slide on the tile :slight_smile:


Nice alteration. It’s great to have the tools to do that on board.


What a great way to approach the issue, and could be useful for a lot of folks. I think we need a step-by-step or video!


I made one of Dan’s a few months ago, and found the same thing you did - it was too short for our door. I did find that if I just flipped it over, it worked. I do need to attach something to the bottom of it to keep it from sliding easily though, because Roxie the Robot knocks it out of the way and locks herself in the room. :slight_smile:


…I think I can do that :slight_smile:

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