Need a Laugh?

Keep in mind that I’m still very much a newbie.

Also know that when we bought the Glowforge, my husband was a little afraid of the fumes. So, he made sure I had a carbon monoxide/other fumes alarm in my room and outside the door. (He’s kind of a freak.)

So, here I am. Wanting to help make Ear Savers but I didn’t have any acrylic. I read about .08 Optix (and the fumes) and I decided to give it a try from our local Lowes. (Cut beautifully at 170/Full).

I start cutting and the fumes were bad… but I opened the windows, turned on the fan, turned on my camera and stepped out of the room. Not long after the cutting started I heard this screeching alarm! I thought–OMG! Its the alarms my husband put in the rooms!

I ran into the room, pressed the button to pause cutting and ran out. The noise went on and on–and I was sure I had been exposed to toxic fumes! Just sure I ruined my Glowforge. I was devastated. So far I had survived COVID–but the fumes were going to get me, instead!

So, I fretted and went onto the porch to wait for the fumes to clear and the noise to stop. It didn’t.

Any idea where I’m going with this?

Then the Sherrif pulled into my driveway (I live in the country).

He had been dispatched because my alarm company called him when a window had been opened and I didn’t answer my phone (it was by the Glowforge).


Embarrassing–you bet–but I might get a referral out of it. He was impressed! Ha!

Have a great night.

PS. You think that’s bad, you should hear the story about how I flooded the house the day I got my first Cricut.


You’ll fit right in around here. Maybe someday I’ll tell the story of how I coated myself and the entire living room in powdered snake poop. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I bet that was about as easy to clean up as the 2 inches of water in my bathroom and basement! Thanks.


I wanna know what you were doing with powdered snake poop! :rofl:


Your brother will take advantage I’m sure. Ammunition… particularly against an older sibling.


Good to hear nothing too serious happened but you should be keeping a close eye on your laser when cutting anything. Could have been a fire alarm.


First thought…You were lasering snake poop?

Second thought…I hear of stranger things folk are are doing to cure this virus thing, (if you talk about it too much, some folk will go out and buy up the entire world supply of snake poop)


Nope, it was long before I had a laser. :slight_smile:


Actually, I don’t think he knows the story!

Okay, okay, so here it is:

My kids all ended up leaving a pet behind when they grew up and moved out. Not that I minded, really, since I usually have a zoo anyway… With my oldest, it was a 6-foot corn snake named Monkey. (No, I don’t know why. I just have weird kids.) He loved Monkey, but he loved his SO better, and she refused to live with a snake, so Monkey had to live with me.

Monkey lived in a 55 gal aquarium with coir as the substrate. He made horrible-smelling poop, which would dry up and crumble apart from being in the coir, but it still smelled awful. I was in grad school AND working full time and was pretty much overwhelmed with papers and clinicals and homework, and had let the tank go a lot longer than usual without cleaning, so it was getting pretty nasty by the time I finally managed to find some time to do it.

As I was digging through a cupboard looking for something to scoop substrate with, I had a BRILLIANT idea. I’d just vacuum it out with Hubs’ shop vac, and save myself all that scooping and not have to spend so much time smelling it. Yay! So I trundled in the shop vac and went to work.

I was focused on the snake tank, and the vac was behind me, so it took a few minutes for me to realize (mostly by the smell) that something was very, very wrong, and by the time I did, I’d already vacuumed out half the tank.

Hubs had taken the filter thingy out of the vac, and hadn’t replaced it. So all the coir and dry snake poop was just whirling through the shop vac, where it was blasted into tiny particles before being shot out the other side into the living room, where EVERYTHING (including me, by that time) was covered in a layer of finely powdered snake poop.

I think when Hubs got home I was sitting on the floor between the vac and the snake tank, mumbling something about having to move because it would be easier than cleaning up the mess. I actually have absolutely no idea how we managed to make the place livable again. Apparently I’ve repressed those memories, and I think it’s probably best just to keep it that way!


I sincerely wish I could like this thing more than once. I really do, haven’t laughed so hard in a while.


Oh that’s hilarious!

Ask @jules about the glitter incident.


Worse…it was PearlEx. (Blue sneezes for a week.) :smile:

That stuff needs to come with a BioHazard warning.


Maybe next time I’ll tell the story of nearly getting arrested for breaking and entering a nun’s apartment.


OMG this totally made my shift better. Our psych unit just had to evacuate as one patient was COVID+ of course so we got the transfers… But this is funny enough to make up for it.


Oh, boy. Managing psych patients on medical floors can be a challenge. It made me sort of a superhero when I worked consultation & liaison, because it was my job to help them make it work, but I sure didn’t envy the poor staff who had to wrangle them all day and night. Good luck, and I’m glad I could add a little levity to your day!


@Jules, please do us the honors with the PearlEx incident…


Oh, nothing much to tell…I knocked a little jar off the desk, and I don’t know how familiar you are with it…but it’s a superfine powder. There was a fan running, (fortunately not too closely or it would have been worse), and it was like setting off a blue mushroom cloud right where I was sitting. :smile:

Took FOREVER to clean it all up. On the desks, all over the chair. All over me, including unmentionable places.

Anyway, I’m not a fan of the stuff. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sounds like a learning experience. Thanks for sharing. :grinning:


Having a 7-seat SUV, I was volunteered to shuttle some of my daughters prom friends around. One wore a dress with glitter.

That was 2015, and I am still finding traces of glitter here and there.

It has prompted many amusing comments from executives I’ve driven to lunch.


I remember it was right after @Xabbess sent us all down the embossing powder rabbit hole :smiley: