Need a little help from my new friend!

**I haven’t made anything yet! ** I received my girl already !! Named her Meah! My question is is, Is it easier to use Adobe Illustrator to design or easier to use Inkscape?


Each has their fans. Inkscape is free. Both will produce files you can use in the Glowforge.

Work through the Glowforge tutorials/first three prints first.


it’s easiest to use whatever you’re comfortable with.

if you’ve never used either, i’d advise inkscape because it’s not expensive like adobe creative suite. i use illustrator, but that’s because i already pay for it for work.


I like Inkscape, since it’s free…lol. “Comparable” to AI. It will most likely meet your needs.

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What they said, use the tool you know :slight_smile:

also gonna stress this. There is SO much in that First Three Prints tutorial that teaches you how this machine works with the programs. The stuff you create is crazy simple, but it’ll teach you both the how/where and also the terminology.


You’ll get some use out of this.


Congrats! I had used neither Inkscape or AI when starting here. I went with Inkscape since it was free and it has met the needs I’ve had thus far. Take time to learn to do a bit in there! And, have fun!

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I have at least a half a dozen different graphics program that I use depending on which device I have in my hands or what it is I’m trying to do. Like everyone else has said, find one you are comfortable with. My comfort lies in CorelDraw, but it has its drawbacks, it crashes a lot, but I love it. I also use Affinity Designer and Photo, the Adobe Suite of (bang my head against a wall) products, Procreate… the only one I actually don’t use is Inkscape. They are all good software.


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