Need a source for Laserable Clear Adhesive Sheet Protector Material

Can anyone recommend a source for adhesive sheet protectors that are compatible with the GlowForge? I have several projects in mind that would use a printed sheet that is then laminated to a clear material and then cut out. Think something like the face plates on electronics or keyboard overlays.


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This might do the trick…

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I’ve not seen anyone ask this before, but in general plastics have a few overall characteristics:

Toxic - almost every plastic won’t be good for you. Be sure your ventilation is really good.

Dangerous for the machine - Anything with PVC (note, not “vinyl”, PVC… which is a very specific type of vinyl. You need to look carefully at the MSDS of plastics to find out if it’s actually PVC or even a vinyl with adhesive “vinyls”.) Be careful — if you’re wrong, cutting PVC creates acids that can damage your machine.

Flammable - Pretty obvious why this is a concern. Plastic tends to burn longer and hotter than papers and other thin materials.

Melty - This is often the case with thicker plastics more than anything, HDPEs, etc. Chances are a thin sheet of most plastics will let you move the laser quickly enough that this won’t be a big deal.

and Just Right - Acrylics vaporize more than burn or melt. It’s not to say that it can’t catch fire or that it’s not toxic to laser (I wouldn’t inhale those fumes if I could help it)… it’s just a really nice material to laser with.

Anyway, none of this is helping you directly, so let’s see if I can.

Dura-lar seems to be a bullseye. It’s polyurethane, which lases pretty well (don’t quote me, I’ve never used it but I’ve heard that it does.)

And maybe not adhesive-backed here:

Here’s more info:


Thanks for the info. The Dura-Lar from Dick Blick looks nearly perfect. Now to find it in manageable sizes.

I think mylar is laser safe and you can get adhesive-backed clear sheets. Mylar is very tough and will have a shiny surface. Pinball parts suppliers should sell it in small sheets.


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