Need advice for a wooden bottle opener

Hey All,

A freind recommended me for an “emergency” engrave for a wedding gift for this weekend. I only have pictures and what the person wants. I will attach both an image of the bottle opener and of the font. Don’t know the type of wood. Wondering the best ways to do the engrave and not ruin this precious item for the engraving. Any tips for a round thing or does that not matter so much?

I will set up a jig using paper in the GF so that I know exactly where the font will land. But any more advice about that or how to start light and go darker if needed? I obviously won’t be able to test since it’s a one-off.

Thanks everyone for your thoughts.!
wine opener|375x500

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As long as you don’t move the item or your artwork, you can start light and repeat the print until you get the look you want. This article will give you a good understanding of how to tweak settings for darker / deeper, etc.:


What @geek2nurse said.
Also you might make a tube of the same width out of chipboard or cardboard so you can see how much the curve matters as far as font size. The :glowforge: will curve some, but too much and it’ll look funky.

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Thanks, everyone. Got it done. I could have maybe gone a few more rounds but the client said it looked good so I stopped.


Looks lovely!

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