Need advise re: correct material - Foamcore?

Hello fellow Glowforgers,

I’m faced with a challenge concerning material selection and sourcing.
A project which just landed on my desk seems ideal for our brand-new glowforge pro. A simple 3D sign. 37" long x 18" tall and a need for 2" depth. Perfect for the GlowForge pro with its pass-through capability, right?!

Well, in researching materials, I’ve come to a halt. I need to layer a few .5" layers to get to 2", which isn’t itself too bad. But what to use… Some sort of thick balsa-like wood? Foamcore?

Any input and experience is greatly sought and appreciated!

Just remember that the max thickness that goes in the pass-through is about 1/4"


And most of that available z is below the level of the pass through.

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Thank’s - very good point!

Only the top layer( If that) would need to be seamless. the rest could be staggered pieces of cardboard even at 10"x18" each. finished off with Acrylic modeling paste for the rough parts and Gesso for the rest and brightly painted, would look really good as long as folk or Hurricanes did not slam things into it or otherwise abuse it.