Need design help Hockey Pucks

Anyone engrave on a volcanized rubber hockey puck? I have a customer request

A little research will go a long way here:

Read through those results, it’s come up before.

You’ll also want to look at how to work without the crumb tray if you’re not familiar.


Thanks I did pull it up and didn’t find a current answer, didn’t think the sarcasm was necessary.


Your definition of sarcasm seems awfully broad.

May advice stands, read those threads. It’s still relevant, the caution about vulcanized rubber, etc. hockey pucks haven’t changed, so neither have the answers.


(directed at OP) - Rubber-based materials are often used for making ink stamps so it would stand to reason it might be ok. It would be advisable to get the SDS from the manufacturer to ensure they don’t contain anything harmful, not so much to breathe but more to the machine itself. Any kind of chlorine will damage it.

A quick search, and nobody seems to have shared results for them here. There are plenty of examples on the interwebs, however - but that doesn’t mean it’s safe in the Glowforge.

Thank you… yes I didn’t see the answers as ‘supposedly’ was searched.

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I just checked a few sites on google and it looks like this is done quite often. Apparently it is quite smelly but engraves nicely. Many people paint with acrylic paint.


I’d suggest you read through the FAQ, particularly regarding responding to “tone” of messages. It would be a shame to get flagged for rule violations in your very first thread. As you spend a bit more time here, you’ll find @evansd2 to be both knowledgeable and very helpful. There was absolutely nothing “sarcastic” in his message to you; it was simply straightforward, as he tends to be.

The third result in that search confirms that yes, someone has, in fact, engraved hockey pucks, which directly answers your question, and the fourth post provides a valid warning about using them in the laser, which is probably more important to know. Another quick search would have let you know that poster (@marmak3261 ) continues to be an active user of the forum, in case you wanted to ask for more information. The fact that both posts are a few years old is pretty irrelevant, it’s the information that is important, and besides, you DID say “ever.”

Anyway, welcome to the forum, but please don’t be prickly. We’re actually generally pretty nice, around here.


I was fearful of the fumes emitted by the rubber so I compromised by etching onto some proof grade veneer and then sticking the logos on pucks. Not a great solution, but they made attractive heavy duty coasters.

Were you successful in engraving a puck? If so, what settings did you use? :slight_smile:

I did not…we couldn’t agree on a price. I was hesitant to chance it as well , so I shot high.

Here is what I did just a few minutes ago (I have a pro, not sure if that will change anything):
600speed, 100 power, 675 LPI

I had our team mom ask if I could engrave puck coach gifts and I hadn’t tried it, but since today is my hockey girl’s birthday, decided to make her one as a gift first. It turned out great!


You nailed it. Looks great.

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That looks great. Was that your first attempt?

It was my first attempt. I’ll be making 10 more for coach gifts over the next week.

Hi, I’m looking to make these for my sons team. Did you have to remove the crumb tray when engraving? And about how long does it take per hockey puck? I tried to use the same settings without the crumb tray and it didn’t turn out so great. TIA!

I took the crumb tray out to work on them. I also made coach pucks for gifts and used the same settings. You’ll need to put something under them to raise it up to the height that works with the laser or it won’t engrave. The time will depend on your design. The coach pucks took 30 minutes per puck.


Thank you so much! They came out awesome. How many passes did you need to do?

I only did a single pass.

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