Need generic magic erasers? 100 for $5.30 from amazon


i know there are a bunch of magic eraser users here, so generic melamine on amazon cheap.

clip the 5% off coupon before adding to cart.


Definitely a great deal. I have about 80 left from my last buy. They’re a little smaller than the Mr Clean version but that hasn’t been an issue. I think they may be a bit more aggressive in their texture - not noticeable to the touch but I was doing a bunch of leather key tags and used these on a bunch & then a Mr Clean one and these did a better job of cleaning the smoke and engraving residue.


Yeah, I picked up a couple cases off eBay about a decade ago for a few bucks…definitely the way to go. (Still got about a case and a half left too. Might have overdone that one a bit.) :smile:


Thanks, I just picked up a box.


Nice! Just ordered these (same supplier and price) off Amazon.


I typically slice mine in half with a razor blade, I find the smaller size more convenient. They cut like butter, kinda satisfying.


wait… you didn’t use your Glowforge?


I do that too. I find I tend to use up the ends by pressing or squishing them from pressure when cleaning things like Sharpied tiles but the center is still in good shape. So I cut them with scissors so I get twice as much use out of a sponge.


I just tear a little piece off and use that. Which is why I’ve still got a case and a half left. :smirk:


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