Need help cosplaying

I have not cosplayed before, and haven’t done a Halloween costume since college. I wanted to compile some protips from some forum goers here on how to pull of a bad@$$ Ganondorf costume for convention in about 5 weeks.;_ylt=A0LEVvB29nhZzVYA.Ko3nIlQ?p=ganondorf&fr=&fr2=piv-web&psqn=2&hspart=mozilla&hsimp=yhsm-002

That link there should pull up about a hundred images or so of the armored regalia version of this character, seen in the games Super Smash Bros for Wii/WiiU and Hyrule Warriors. I would appreciate any help in designing and constructing the armor pieces. I should be able to fashion the swords decently enough.

I will fashion it out of whatever materials I can get my hands on. I have a plethora of paints. Stacks of 1/8" Baltic birch, cardboard, and EVA foam.

I would be much appreciative of anyone who could help me get this costume together in time, and would be able to display your info at the booth if you like, as some advertising for you.

Any takers?


This is something I am interested in as well. I don’t yet know how deep the rabbit hole goes, but I do know it can start here:


I highly recommend Punished Props (Bill Doran) and Andrew DFT. Both have super informative instructional videos for all skill levels.


I don’t yet know how deep the rabbit hole goes…

Very, very deep.


Try here for some guidance and ideas on how:


Great! Thank you all!

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My daughter Sam has done a lot of costumes on her own. She could probably help you as much with what not to do as what to do.
Here’s a shot of her in some armor she did herself from her FB page
Spangles Cosplay

[Spangles Cosplay]


Oh my goodness! I can’t believe I’d have someone so close at hand for expert advice!


She just moved from Dodge center to Cottage Grove about 6 months ago. I actually stopped in to visit her after dropping your table off way back when.


No worbla experience here (yet) but The Costumer’s Manifesto is an incredible compilation of resources and a great place to start. Be forewarned - it’s a very deep rabbit hole!

Several people have recommended The Prop Builder’s Handbook(s) as well.

Good luck!


Worbla is what Sam used in the above mentioned costume. That and some of the anti-fatigue mats from harbor freight.

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