Need help engraving a gun stock

I tried engraving a gun stock last night and it went off the edge of the gun. Does anyone have good experience engraving wood gun stocks? Have you ever had the program go beyond the stock? I am wanting to do a floral pattern and maybe a deer in my next one. I am also having a hard time finding files. Any advice on where to look for them? Thanks for any and all help.

I would practice some engraving on scrap wood on the crumb tray before putting expensive resources into the machine.
Once you have it nailed down and understand how things respond to input, the engrave process will make more sense and be easier.

For repeat projects without the crumb tray, making a jig is also worth investigating.


Well for starters make sure you use the set focus tool before you place your artwork. If you place the artwork first then use set focus the artwork will appear to move out of alignment. If you camera is well aligned then after the workpiece is in focus you should be able to place your artwork exactly where you want it.


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