Need help engraving blued metal

I know the glowforge with engrave anodized aluminum and i am playing around with other coated metals with the intention of customizing handgun slides… i am testing on my cheap ruger LCP which has a Blued coating on the slide with i assumed would be conducive to engraving since it would prevent glare but i am not having luck… i don’t know if it is the metal or the settings, i am doing full power 340lpi and 1 pass but get no markings and it doesnt even appear to show the little “spark” while its printing… am i SOL or is there a better setting? I know if it engraves it would only be the coating or very light but using something like ceramark would be useless because the coating is black already

My understanding of blueing is that it is an oxide coating. You won’t be able to laser it off with the GF. You should look into the steel etching processes with mustard, etc, but these also add an oxide layer to the engrave so it may not show up well or at all.


I managed to get a mark on a blued rifle barrel, but it took a whole lot of power and passes, and still only really shows up at certain angles.


I’ve gotten a blued 1911 slide marked… settings I can’t remember for the life of me and it was subtle but I really liked it… I’m sure it was full power but can’t remember other than that.

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