Need Help: Ideas for bed clamp or jig for warped wood

Hello GF community,

I was wondering if anyone has had any success with creating some sort of clamp or jig that can be used in the laser bed to keep all four corners of a 1/8" piece o12"x20" plywood (or anything for that matter) flat on the surface of the bed.

Unfortunately, proofgrade plywood (which tends to be flatter than what I can get) will not work for most of what I want to do as I like to do the finishing myself.

I am currently using a combination of painters tape and magnets to adhere all four of my locally-sourced plywood down. The rare earth metal magnets that I have (~1cm diameter) do not appear to be strong enough to defy the warp on many pieces on their own. Perhaps stronger magnets would work?

I am very interested to hear people’s thoughts on this.

Neodymium magnets first suggestion. You can get some of them (like the ones from old hard drives) that are so powerful they defy logic.

Second suggestion is a thin rotary wedge to hold the corners. Could use a tiny elevator bolt, or a countersunk hold in the rotary wedge for the screw/tiny bolt to hold the wedge down.


Saw one the other day where someone (kittski?) was using cotter pins and strong springs to hold it down.

Yep, here it is:

1cm magnets are pretty small. I have good luck with larger ones. I listed my sources here:
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