Need help. Looking for pin mounting hardware

Working on a project at the office. Small pieces of acrylic being mounted to the wall. On one surface, we have a special kind of paint and they don’t want me to use tape. We had some logo signs installed last year and they used a pin mounting system. i tried googling to find someone who sells the hardware and i’ve had no luck.

I found this one picture from a sign vendor who said, basically, “sometimes we do pin mounting for individual letters” and had this picture next to it. acrylic on the right, pin head sunk halfway into the acrylic (our sign is 1/4", so it looks like it’s probably sunk in 1/8"). then there’s a small pin nail that you tap into the wall to mount the acrylic. they have a section where they sell mounting supplies, but they don’t sell this.

in a pinch, i could probably make a sandwich of two 1/8" pieces and drive a pin through the back piece, but i’d rather it not be two pieces since you’ll be able to see that seam.

any thoughts on where i could find this hardware?

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I would recommend Command Strips, the ones that are like industrial velcro. They hold tight, are easily removed with no damage to paint, your signage can be removed and replaced without damaging the strips (making micro adjustments very easy), require no drilling or nailing in either the wall or sign, and are available in many sizes. Your signage will stand off from the wall a bit. If these meet your specific hanging needs they are great.

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Command strips won’t work in this case. The pieces I’m mounting are essentially 3/16" strips. It’s an acrylic staircase, six 3/16" wide strips going back and forth in 90 degree angles. To remain hidden, they’d need to be less than 1/4" wide. Like below (don’t have the actual file on my iPad).

Wouldn’t deep engraving tiny holes half way through the back and gluing small finishing nails in them work. You could even cut the same hole pattern in chip board and place it over the the nails to make sure they are perpendicular. Just put some a spacer in areas where there are no holes to hold the chip board up so it doesn’t stick to the glue around the nails.

I’ve considered brad nails. I worry that the heads of finish or brad nails aren’t a flat round like in my original picture, so I may have trouble getting a perpendicular nail to acrylic angle, as you mentioned. With such a narrow strip, there’s not much room for error.

If I could find that actual mounting pin, I wouldn’t have to try to fudge it. And I need this install to go cleanly on the first try.

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You don"t have to use the Glowforge for everything! You can use it to layout the holes, but an old-fashioned drill works to make a clean hole. Pardon the sloppy on the fly illustration but

With the 3/8 or as big as you can find bamboo skewers, they will split easily but be very strong. so even with a point of the point of a skewer stuck on the end when you push the last bit in the bottom of the hole it will increase the diameter of the end and jam in the hole so it would be hard to pull out. It makes a very effective non-metal fastener,


Normally I would suggest mounting studs but those would be too big. Check out fastcap blind nails. If the sizes don’t work at least it gives you an idea.

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