NEED HELP need some stuff cut, Springfield MO

My machine is stuck on the dreaded LID OPEN, I’ve done everything I’ve found here on the forum with no luck. I’m afraid I’ll be down for a couple weeks and I have a couple of large orders I need finished. Anyone in the Springfield MO area want to make some $? I have materials and files, and will peel mask off everything, just need to cut them! Probably 10 hrs of cut time. Let me know if you’d be willing. TIA
Alison Ward
sad Glowforge owner

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Did Support inform you that it needs replacement yet? Just cables?

If you want to make a trip to the Lake of the Ozarks, you can have access to my Glowforge. I’m not far from the Dam in Lake Ozark. This Saturday or Sunday would be good. Friday too.

I have a basic.

There is someone in Lebanon but I haven’t connected with them yet. Don’t know if they are active on the forum or not. Glad to know there is someone close!

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Thank you! I’ll keep it in mind, I really appreciate it. Just messaged support today so not sure how long it will take to get a part. I’m assuming the black cable at the back as that’s what others have said they’ve had replaced. I’ll let you know if I can make it up there, thank you!
Alison Ward

Hope it is speedy. Sometimes there are communication lags. But folks have been able to get back in business after that replacement. I hope it is just a replaceable ribbon.

Offer is still open for whenever. Just let me know.

They are not response I already sent an email for them to replace the unit and I didn’t get any response if they are shipped it or not

It can take a few days for support to get to know in the support queue. Have you received any emails from them before? Did you get shipping notification the first time they shipped to you? Did you get the automatic response?

Best to keep your questions to your own topic so that we can keep them separate.

It’s hard to wait because you don’t know if they are really following up.

I got an auto email today but also received an email from support saying they would send out a replacement part (after I pay the invoice for one). Yay! Hopefully it’ll get mailed in the next few days. I was worried it would take several days just to hear from them so I’m glad it was same day. I think I’ll be ok without coming up to use your machine, but thank you so much for the kind offer, truly generous. :slight_smile: Thank you! @marmak3261

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Great. I’m glad they have you covered. Just in case something messes this up, the offer is still open.

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