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i’m cutting quilt templates. The first two files I made in Illustrator I saved as PDFs. The inner marking line is for score, not cut; I used a diffferent color for those lines. it worked fine on parts D–G. However, the PDF for A B C is grouping the inner score and outer cut lines into one ‘cut’ operation.

I’ve checked and re-saved the files several times. I must be making a mistake on the ABC file that I’m not making on the other two. Can someone check my PDF and find the error?

the inner score line has a brush stroke, so it will score as discrete marks, not one solid line. In Illustrator, it’s a separate color, too…doesn’t show up in the PDF that way, though.

Thanks, everyone!
A B C.pdf (408.1 KB)

and just for comparison, here is one that works correctly:
F and G.pdf (2.6 MB)

[Edit: I went back in and changed the score brush lines to ‘black’, and the outer cut lines to a color. GFUI seems to like that more than the score lines as a color and the cut line as black. Still don’t know why that matters.]

I opened the file in illustrator and found what you described. Not exactly sure what’s up, but fiddled around found the options for the brush stroke and was able to make the brush stroke a different color and then the GFUI shows them as separate operations… see video… Dropbox - Capto_Capture - Simplify your life


Thank you! Maybe it was the original color I chose that confused the GFUI. Anyway, everything is cut, but I hope I don’t run into this again. Very strange.

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