Need hive help with weird monitor issue

I was writing a post about not being able to select my alignment/measurement icons in the GF app, but then I couldn’t post it because I couldn’t select the “create topic” button here in the forum, and I realized is wasn’t a GF issue. (I won’t tell you how long I searched the forums for an answer and how many times I restarted my GF hoping it was an update issue or something). :woman_facepalming:

So I resized my browser and figured out that the issue is there being a small dead spot on my monitor that won’t register the mouse. It’s about a 2"x3" area and it’s about 2" from the bottom left corner of my monitor. This is the first time noticing it and the monitor hasn’t experienced any recent falls or anything. Any computer savy folks know what could be the cause?

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This assumes much, you gave no details on your OS.


Thanks so much for this. I stupidly assumed it was a mechanical issue because it was such a small localized area, and didn’t consider it could just be a dumb Windows 11 issue. And I was coming back to say it resolved somehow. I opened CorelDraw to see how it would be impacted and it seemed to be working OK, and when I closed it, the issue was gone. :woman_shrugging:


Gotta love when problems self-resolve. Leaves you thankful but puzzled and unsure if it will happen again. lol Cross your fingers!

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Right! I’ll take a random fix over no fix at all. I do think it’s related to a glitch with explorer.exe that prevents the taskbar from auto-hiding correctly, and I think opening a few programs triggered a bit of a Windows cleanup, so at least I know how to fix it now. (And I won’t assume it was related to the recent alignment update in GF and spend an hour trying to research it lol.)

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I keep getting confused when folk talk about weird monitor issues. Like it was some sort of birth defects in their babies.

No! I’m talking about issues with my beloved lizard! He just wasn’t responding correctly…

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