Need items for making last minute gifts?

I just came back from Home Depot and found these ideal items for any last-minute gift creations. They have the Darice unfinished word blocks for $.80, an 8" by 10" Darice wood plaque that can also be a deeper wood frame for $1.30, and a 12" by 12" Darice Wood Canvas or Plaque or even deeper frame for $1.50. The items themselves show up in the computer at those prices even if the shelves say otherwise. I have enclosed a photo of the bar codes too. The items were located by the chalk paint in my store.


Thank you for the tip.

You are very welcome! Seems like I am spending a lot of time at Home Depot since I got my glowforge so it was great to find something useful so inexpensive.

Do you have the sku numbers

Darice Unfinished wood blocks 889092523234 .80
Darice Unfinished wood panel 8 by 10 889092547934 1.30
Darice Unfinished wood panel 12 by 12 889092523242 1.50


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