Need some help with a file please

I have a drawn picture that a friend wants engraved but im not good in inkscape. I’ve tried but cant get rid of the background. i want to keep the drawing but get rid of the background. Can someone please help me.

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My first advice to you is to get the best possible picture. This picture struggles because it’s quite dark, I would recommend taking A new photograph in bright sunlight with no shadows on the paper. The way you have the picture laid out is good — you want to be full frame and very straight onto the art, but having the bright light will give you much improved contrast and even lighting which is a better starting point.

What do you have that new photo you can upload it here and then I can talk to you a little bit about what I would do to process it for engraving.


Thanks for the offer to help. Thats the only pic i have unfortunately. I do not have access to the original.

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I had some time to burn. How’s this?


nice one!



Ooh - I wonder how a score of yours, and then a Convert to Dots of mine would look :slight_smile:


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