Need spacer in window for vent (help!)

I just moved and am having an issue making this window work with my tall desk that unfortunately covers a bit of the window. I’m curious to hear your thoughts on a solution to make this work.

I purchased a Vent Works Dryer Vent Fan that works perfect with my 4" tubing, BUT I need this to rise this an extra 6-8" since my desk is interfering with the tube getting on (see photos).

I was considering as a temporary solution grab a 1 x 8" to fit right in the window to raise it to the necessary height I need with some tape to block fumes, but this is something I’d prefer to take off and on everyday.

Anyone have any suggestions on what I can do (or know of some sort of window spacer) that I could put underneath this vent? Having no luck searching online for such a thing.

The spacer would need to have a 1" thickness to fit nicely in window (same width as Vent works product).

Appreciate your help in advance!

You can get various thicknesses of insulation board to put in. Easy to cut to size and does add some insulation value. Cheap and very useful. Comes in smaller and larger sheets.


This is a great idea. Will definitely pick a sheet up tomorrow and give this a try. Thank you!!

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I’ve been using foam insulation board as a “temporary” filler for over 3 years now… I do recommend getting some soft foam (black stuff) pipe insulation and splitting that in half to work as a gasket and fill any gaps…


Can check at your local hardware store for a dryer vent periscope like this one.

Or ones like this with a straight connection and a 90. This one would probably work better if you don’t wish to modify your window setup.


Does the top of your window open downwards? Maybe you could vent to the top of the window.

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