Need to be schooled on the GF laser for class

Hey all,

This has been a great and very smart community to learn from. Thanks.

And I’m wondering if someone would be willing to share a great link or (my preference) take 30-60 minutes over a Zoom call to school me on the best way to educate some college kids on this actual machine. I want it to be fun but informative. And to be honest, I know I press a button and “pew pew” a laser shoots out. But some general knowledge would be helpful about the mechanics of it all.

Happy to pay you for your time. The class is Monday morning. So this Friday or weekend would be awesome. I’m asking a lot I know.


Pew pew,


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I cannot help directly, but @dan_berry posted this a while back and it may prove helpful!


Also this user has put up a BUNCH of videos not so much on the laser, but on how to turn ideas into working designs for the laser


Thank you very much for the links. I will spend the weekend checking them out.

Oh and if anyone knowledgeable about lasers wants to give me a tutorial on how our GF works from a brainy level I’d love to pay for your time. I am free much of the weekend and would love to jump on a zoom call.

Thanks all.

Mark of Big Blue Laser Designs gives wonderful tutorials that really give you an idea of what a Glowforge can do, and special tips and tweaks to get the best results. Check out his YouTube channel:

Also the video that is on the Glowforge main page tells a lot! There was a live video today that was really interesting and shows some of the more advanced projects (you will be surprised at how large of a project you can make with a Glowforge):

There are a lot of stories of people making a living using a Glowforge, makerspaces and individual small businesses teaching others how to use a Glowforge or making PPE during COVID to donate to first responders. This is an amazing community here. Good luck on your report.


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