Need to find a business to make custom cut acrylic/wood pieces

I will need to order about 300+ pieces etched/cut. Where can I look to find vendors that will do this kind of custom work? Depending on how it goes, this will lead to about 15 more similar orders but on a variety of different materials. I use a GF at work so I am very familiar with the capabilities, just not allowed to do the production on this project.


Alibaba has chinese options, but if you want more hands on you might want to google laser cutting services in your area.

If you want online and domestic US, Ponoko and Osh Cut are two such services, if you’re not in the US you can surely google around wherever you are too.


Thanks! I am so accustomed to doing everything myself that I was drew a blank when it came time to contract out to someone else.

5 Likes is another option to add to @evansd2 listed.


Should be noted that I haven’t used any of these services but I have used OSH park, the PCB side of the osh cut business. Osh park was excellent to work with.


I actually have used but not for wood laser cuts. We’ve done a bunch of give-aways in anodized aluminum for fairly cheap prices.


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