Need to hire someone to build my urn

This may sound morbid… but the very first project I’m doing when I get my GF is to build my own urn using bamboo sheets.

I need to hire someone who can help me build the 3d model and provide me the cut file.

Any takers?


Why not do it yourself? This is not going to be your first need for a model. If you want assistance with one of the CAD packages I know, I am happy to assist.
If you want to hire me to do the CAD, that can be arranged also.


This is a great chance to learn fusion 360…


I am risking the appearance of disrespect, but I do think the sacred wine boxes demonstrate some design and technique that would apply to an urn.


I don’t know if the skills translate (certainly depends on what your intent for your urn is), but I’m happy to help if I can. My CAD experience is so far limited to Blender; I actually did the linked box directly in Illustrator, which is where my strongest skills are. I’ve worked in Blender a moderate amount to prepare files for 3d printing; less for laser cutting, as it has to go through a slicer like 123d make.


Thanks for the prompt response guys! I’m a newbie when it comes to this… I’m technical enough to make cut files, but when it comes to the actual design - considering structural integrity, etc, I have zero experience.

I have a general idea of what I want, translating it into an actual 3d or cut file is the challenge for me.

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