==> Needed - Medium Bass Plywood <==

I need at least a couple sheets of medium Basswood Plywood for a time sensitive project. Anyone know where I can buy it (shop is sold out )? Anyone willing to sell me some. I’m in the Raleigh, NC area.
Thanks - Preston

Purebond is 1/4".
GF Medium is 1/8".

PureBond comes in 1/8”, but I don’t think there’s basswood in any thickness.

Maybe on Amazon? It won’t be pre-finished, of course. Does it have to be basswood?

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Baltic Birch is a similar color and better for most things unless you want to cut it with a knife,

I know my OSH and a few other smaller hardware stores carry hobby basswood boards in various thicknesses. Come to think of it, I think I’ve seen it at one of the big a craft stores before, but they typically aren’t really big sheets though. You can also get it on Amazon or even Walmart if you can wait a few days for shipping.


I’ve gotten basswood from Ocooch. Their project-ready woods are sanded smooth on both sides. I don’t think it’s plywood, but might do the job for you.

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birch has a very different grain than basswood (which is negligible). i don’t agree that it’s better for most things than basswood.

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Thanks soo much for all the info sharing- great group!
I can find the different thickness of plywood but would like to have the tape layer. Gives a great no bleed cut and also works great to color/fill the engraving.

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you’re unlikely to find premasked wood elsewhere. most of us who don’t use PG (I rarely do) put their own masking on.

this is what I use.


To add to @shop’s advice:

That thread is full of good masking info.


Wowizzers this will be a lifesaver- Thanks!!!


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