Needlessly Fancy Scalpel Case


Used PG draftboard, walnut veneer, maple veneer, and magnets to make a fancy little case for my craft scalpel. It’s frighteningly sharp, so I wanted to make sure it wouldn’t come out by accident. I think I succeeded. The lid of the case is held on by magnets hidden under the veneer.

The video shows the features of the case that are not obvious from the pictures.

Here it is, closed:


With the scalpel held upright.

Here’s the little magnets that hold the scalpel, I had intended to cover these in veneer as well, but it made the lid not fit correctly, so I’m living with imperfection (for now):

I had originally tried to make this project by drawing the various levels of the case, and then using only the trace feature of the Glowforge, but it proved totally unsuccessful. I have videos of that process that I may post later, but my conclusion is that the trace feature is really only suitable for engraving.


Very nice, and I particularly love the embedded magnets to keep the scalpel from falling out and landing in your foot without you noticing! (Yes, it happened. No, I don’t want to talk about it.) :smile:


Love that case and especially the magnets! Great idea that makes handling the knife a little safer maybe.


“If found return to Dr. V. Frankenstein, Geneva, Switzerland”,… Great work.


Scalpels and other sharp implements of destruction are like cats - they always land pointy side down.

I find it difficult to believe I’d not notice it in my foot :wink:


Got an abnormally high tolerance for pain and I was concentrating. (I literally noticed when I slipped on the blood.) Scalpels are sharp! :crazy_face:


Every time I’ve cut myself with this thing it’s been the same. It’s SO sharp I don’t really even feel it until the blood starts to come out.


You feel it later though! :smile:




Quite snappy!:wink:


Very cool case!


Was playing in field and fell, got up and played some more. Got home and my mom screamed. I had the broken neck of a old returnable Pepsi bottle stuck in my calf (and in the bone). Still have the 3/4 scar. It can happen :grinning:


Okay, I’ve got the shivers! :persevere:


When I was about 11 years old, I was hanging out in the kitchen while my grandma was cutting roast beef. There was a pretty big knife on the edge of the counter that somehow fell on my foot. Right after it happened, I started to say “It’s a good thing it didn’t land sharp side down” when I saw the blood squirt from floor level up onto the countertop. Didn’t feel a thing, but I guess it landed sharp side down. Just missed a tendon and left a half inch scar. My favorite part of this awesome memory of my childhood is when my mom drove straight past the hospital full of doctors of questionable skill to a better hospital several miles away. Then I played Nintendo with my foot elevated for several days. :sunglasses:


Good grief! At least the scalpel was small. :smile: