Neiman Marcus sparkles this Christmas!

My personal shopper is the best - although he makes me spend WAY too much money! He’ll love this little gift I made him for Christmas.

1/4" PG clear acrylic with Inventables 1/8" Silver and Gold glitter acrylic. I adjusted the base cut-out for Kerf, so the sign fits snugly without needing to be glued. The appliqued lettering was secured, VERY CAREFULLY, with Weld-On 16, acrylic solvent adhesive.


I use a small syringe to apply the solvent. Good lighting and magnification are helpful to observe capillary action pulling the solvent into the joint. A fine ‘touch’ dispensing it is required too!


Yeah, appears to be MIA?


Very cool!


Wow, that was worth the wait–fantastic!

Yeah. Sorry about missing the picture, initially. I’m very pleased with the result. Just ordered some more gold/silver glitter acrylic. I think it might come in handy.

Yep! Cool! :grinning:

Very awesome inlay work!

Thank you, but it’s not an inlay, actually. I wanted depth, so I appliqued the lettering on top of the clear acrylic.

Okay, had to zoom in way far to tell, guess its one of those “picture doesn’t do it justice” things.

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