Nerd snowflakes

Rob try this file star-wars-snowflake-01

thanks, I’ll try it!

Opps sorry wrong one, so what I do is take the full image make sure the snowflake is white and background is black, clean it up in photoshop if needed, then I go to illustrator save as an svg file, inverse then do an object trace and save again :slight_smile: hope that helps!

totally lost me there but I am slowly learning how this works. Did you make any snowflakes with cardstock? What settings should I use? I can’t seem to get the line to cut all the way through the paper, just an the turns. any advice is appreciated. I have run it 20 or so times, trying to guess at the settings. Speed? Power? Focus Height?

I haven’t tried cardstock yet, I used acrylic and wood for them. Someone on the forum was saying they use the engraving setting for card stock, They had a post about lace cards I think? I wish I could be of more help. Sorry :frowning:

half the fun is trying and messing up. I have so many mistakes but I love playing with this. Just got it Friday.

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I just can’t seem to get the laser to cut through the paper. Even on engraving.

I wish I could help you with settings but honestly, I have so many gifts to make! I am seriously thinking of cutting off family lol, this is way too much work! Maybe after the new year, I can buy some card stock and try and help you figure it out :slight_smile: ok?