Nerd snowflakes these will be going on my tree!

Thought I would share this website with my fellow geeks.


That will make the perfect gift for so many people I know!


Yep! :smile:


Now that’s just so much awesome.


I want to put these on slate coasters! That would look amazing!


I’ve wanted to make a bunch of these different nerd type snowflakes for a while. Yours looks amazing! :smiley:


Here are a bunch more…


Awesome! Thanks for that link :smiley:

So the files seem to be templates for cutting out of paper with scissors. What is the easiest way to turn these into laserable files?

I save the finished product photo . The way I do it is you make the file so it’s black and white, then I play with curves because it’s fast for me but some mess with levels. After that I change it to sgv then go to “select” then " invert", after I go to “object” and " image trace " “make and expand” then save.

Ok, thanks. I actually had figured it out already because I needed to cut some last night. The newer snowflakes are actually PDF with vectors in them, and the full vector (not just a slice) is there, just hidden, but you will need to clean things up in your vector graphics program. The older files are rasterized, so the approach you mention is required.

And with either approach, these files produce extremely fragile acrylic cutouts at smaller sizes. I tried to do a 4 inch BB-8 and it crumbled apart when I went to remove it from the crumb tray.

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I didn’t do mine too small but I found using thick acrylic settings on medium acrylic was helpful when you have small peices that could be damaged by trying to push them out.

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It crumbled before I even tried to remove it

well, 4 inches is pretty small lol I am not surprised.

It is kind of large for a Christmas tree ornament, actually. Are people really hanging 11 inch Star Wars snowflakes on their tree?

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I thought I posted but it didn’t, card stock paper would be a better medium if you want to keep them small :slight_smile:

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Looks like the 3 of the 4 snowflake designs I cut are OK; it was just the BB-8 that disintegrated on its own. I think it will have similar issues at any size - there just isn’t enough material left between the two orbs.

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Out of curiosity do you have a basic or pro unit? Not sure if that makes any difference but I tried one around 4 inches, I wouldn’t send it in the mail but it didn’t crumble on me. It is however super fragile. Sorry that particular one didn’t work out for you :frowning:

It’s a basic. I am using frosted acrylic, so perhaps that is a factor. The only ‘flakes I have had an issue with are the R2D2 and the BB8. I guess Image Trace settings might also be a factor.

I’m a newbie and trying this with cardstock. My problem is that the center line (a fold for cutting out with scissors) is still seen as a cut by the GF. I don’t know my way around AI yet so I am having trouble getting snowflakes that are completely connected. Mine are cutting down each mirror plane. Any advice for how to remove that central line? I’m doing the stormtrooper snowflake.