Nest Hub: Anyone design under the cabinet "holders" for these?

I just bought a Nest Hub Max and got a free Nest Hub ($89) for the 4th of July sale at Best Buy (can get it at Google’s site too but Best Buy gives me points & can buy extended warranty).

Has anyone made something that would hold the Hub (not the Max) below an upper kitchen cabinet? Not sure how to create it myself – could get this adjustable stand and make a shelf or this adjustable stand and figure out a way to keep it from falling OFF the shelf. We have a very small cabinet to the right of the stove which is why I wanted it off the counter.

It would not seem hard, though you would need to measure to get the size right and I would want strong finger seams . You could even do an upside down lazy susan so it could rotate.


funny you should mention lazy susan — we were beginning to clean out the tech room this past weekend (smallest bedroom — just not near big enough for all of our projects and definitely no room for the GF) and ran across a wooden lazy susan that I was going to do “something with this one day”…just have to figure out which stack I put that in this weekend… wish I could hang the device upside down but it doesn’t seem to have a rotation option for displaying the screen. Maybe…I can figure out how to mount the lazy susan upside down…will have to play with it… something to think about … thanks!


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