Never underestimate the power of the Forge

Someone from work wanted some SW coasters for his Girlfriend. I came up with these…


Nice! (Particularly like that last one!) :smile:


Well done.

Very nice job engraving. I did have a little trouble reading the "These aren’t the drinks your looking for.

Could use a little inter-letter spacing adjustment. I had to take a 2nd look. I thought it was “dinks” but I like the clever designs.

I did really enjoy teaching myself the jewelry trade, but the spectrum of materials available to this laser has been much more rewarding in a much shorter period of time.
Travertine and slate are my two favorite minerals to zap. Nice work there!


The engraving turned out great. Love me anything Star Wars, and these graphics are super cool.

I think those are great! I’ve been wanting to try slate in the GF, any suggestions on a supplier?

Based on my experience, if you are trying a new supplier, make a small order. Slate engraving quality can vary a lot. I have some that makes a beautiful sharp white mark, and some that is worthless.


Those slate coasters were from Michaels - 4pk less than $4… less than $3 with coupon !! If you have the 99cent only store near - they have some nice slate pieces for $1.99. May also find tile at Home Depot or Lowes…

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