New Addition to Growing Family

The m2 workshop added a new bundle of joy today that arrived this morning at a hefty, but healthy 42.8 pounds and 23". Delivery was smooth. The :glowforge: doesn’t know what to think of his new baby brother, but I’m sure they’ll be best of buddies before long.

This is my first 3D printer. No, I did not need a 3D printer, but Amazon makes it too easy to make spontaneous purchases. I plan on making a few items that use the Dremel and the Glowforge.

Recommended Reading: I do not need a 3D printer


Cool! I’ll be interested in your assessment after you use it for a while.


Oh, you’re going to love it. I have a 3D40 that’s been running flawlessly in my library for two years. Their online support is top notch…and I can only think of two times I needed them (both which were due to my mess-ups…not the printer’s fault. :grin: )

I’m really tempted to buy a 3D45 for my home shop! Looking forward to your reviews.


Wonderful. I note that I never added myself to the January '17 topic. I have two of them now. My digital literacy improved tremendously with these purchases, from the 3D design tools, to the electronics stuff, to the mechanical stuff. And I make lots of very practical things that just thrill me. Post your builds!


Congrats on the beautiful new baby! I’m convinced there is some chemical brain change that occurs after 2 am as that’s when I have no control over my Amazon purchases. We don’t have “drunk purchases” in my household, we have “3am purchases” lol.


those are probably very similar states…


This is now totally my excuse! So whenever I buy something like this and have it shipped to the house, I’m posting your study lol. (I already had the dog though :rofl: )

That looks like homebrew kettle . . . or you really like soup. You’re not making dog soup, right?

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Only if the five of them REALLYYYY misbehave :stuck_out_tongue: The rest of the time I use it for making batik.

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