New addition to the toolkit: Magic Sponges

Recently “re-discovered” so-called Magic Sponges™ . They work for cleaning walls, etc., but they turn out to be, well, magical for cleaning extra ink & paint off of engraved tiles (any a myriad of other uses). The only drawback for me was the outrageous prices for the store brands.

Just received a big bag of these for ~$9 from Amazon, and they work a treat for about 1/10th the cost!

…btw, all my Mac keyboards are now spic-n-span™, so to speak. Be sure to use the absolute minimum amount of water (just a few drops, then wring out till only slightly damp) so you don’t kill your electronics… YMMV, don’t try this at home. :wink:


We have the same pack, I think from Costco. Good tip! I think I’ll clean my keyboard today…

Thanks for the tip.

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And for the seriously OCD:

For a huge cost of $7.20 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Those are the ones I use. They are a bit smaller than the corresponding name brand (Mr. Clean) ones but you get 10 times the number in a big bag than the Mr Clean ones for the same price :slightly_smiling_face:

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