New alignment is awesome - thank you

So I’m working on my epic inlay pieces and my black acrylic gets delayed. I don’t need much but I really don’t have any. Just scraps. I generally keep scraps for jewelry making but I was trying to cut this black spade and it had to be a particular size.

I grabbed my white scrap one and started to see if it would fit in an of my scraps in any orientation and I found one corner that might just work. But the alignment would have to be precise!

I put down the plexi. Got the image through the camera. Zoomed in and carefully rotated and positioned the part into the only spot it would fit.

Would the alignment work?

That’s precision - kudos to everyone at glowforge for the upgrade!


Nice! Gives that satisfying feeling doesn’t it!


I agree completely. This is the change I have been wanting as my alignment has always been off. The realignment and the set focus is working great for me!


Spot on!

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Was this an automatic update? How does one know?
Does another Alignment and Calibrate need to be performed?
My Alignment is off.

No it’s not automatic. (It’s also out of Beta now.)

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