New Antikythera Research Developments

They think they might have solved it in its entirety. Watching the 3D Xray ghosting through the fragments is stunning.


I am not familiar with the Antikythera so I decided to educate myself and watch the video.

Really enjoyed it. Thanks for posting!!!

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Chris/Clickspring from Cairns NA has been recreating the mechanism for several years. Took a long break as he and his research team found the new evidence that prompted this latest news. Their paper on it is publicly available (latest video description has links).

Prepare for rabbit hole…


To me, it is unbelievable engineering for the first century BCE. Absolutely astounding.


I watched the first video, too. Although most of the mathematics and physics were way over my head, the sheer concept of something so ancient being so sophisticated was astounding. The video itself was beautifully made and the sheer battery of knowledge that was pooled to achieve what they did was over the top. I was mesmerized.

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Looking forward to a laser kit coming out someday! Although I probably wouldn’t make it.

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Wow, that was amazing!

Thanks for sharing that!

At the end they ask “Why did the ancient Greeks stop at this device?” But, I image that after making this device they could easily conclude that the Earth is not the center of the galaxy. Very fascinating; it makes the other devices that calculate the planet positions seem simplistic…


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