New Art Project


Here is a new project I’ve been working on.


Very creative and well executed. :sunglasses:


Triple score! Love it!


Very nice!


What a lovely tribute!


Oh, this is great. So is each portrait on a separate tile? Are they engraved on the backs of actual scrabble tiles?


Great engraves on those! :grinning:


cool idea


Hi, sorry for the delay in response, I’ve got the flu. :face_with_thermometer:

Yes, these are all vintage Scrabble tiles. I had some Scrabble tile ideas long before our unit arrived — I was pretty excited when it actually worked!


Thank you for all the kind comments!


Fan-freaking-tastick in so many ways!


Really came out fantastic!! Still thinking of things to do with my Scrabble® tiles (anytime I see them at goodwill store I usually pick up some…). Hope you’re feeling better soon !


Love it- great job!


Your work is a testament to theirs. Really great job and so creative.


Very powerful. Thanks for sharing!